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Electronic ticket

Electronic ticket is flight booking confirmation. If you book a flight  electronic ticket, it is no necessary to deliver it, air ticket will be send by specified e-mail.  It is not possible to lose this kind of ticket. Electronic ticket it is record in the air companies’ booking database. Passenger receives itinerary, air company identifies passenger during check-in. We always recommend passengers to check if departure/arrival time is not changed one day before departure (


Date changes and refunds

Each airline company specifies it's own special rules for their fares. Usually, conditions depend on airticket fare price, i.e. more expensive fares allow passengers to change names, flight dates, etc., while chipper fares do not alow that, or charge extra fees for each change. During the reservation proccess pay special attention to Ticket Fare Rules and Passenger Agreement's terms and conditions. For any change in you reservation you need to contact customer support at +370-5 2490909, working hours. Note that refunds are issued only after we receive the money from the air company.


Group travel

Maximum 9 passengers are allowed in one reservation. If you need to book the flight for more than 9 passengers, make separate reservations or contact


Privacy and Confidentiality

Your personal data remains confidential. If you have any questions concering your privacy and confidentiality, contact us by e-mail


Information for travelers

Health and safety

If you plan your to travel with airplane, we recommend to contact your personal doctor. According to the recommendation of International Air Transportation Association (IATA), pregnant passengers must have doctor’s permission to travel by air. This permission is necessary if there are complications in pregnancy, or birth of child is expected within 4 or lees weeks. Please pay attention to recommendations concerning immunity prevention.


Travel Documents

Passenger must have all necessary travel documents (passport, visa, invitation and/or others). Most of countries demand of return air ticket or certain sum of money.


Passport  (for Lithuanian citizens)

Passport must valid minimum 6 months after return from the trip. Not all EU countries accept personal ID cards. This is list of countries which accept ID cards.

List of countries (in Lithuanian language):

Please check the requirments for passport validity terms after the start of the trip. This can be done through the embassy/consulate of the country of your destination (the list of embassies:



Visas (for Lithuanian citizens)

There are countries which can be visited without visas.

Please read carefully to which countries Lithuanian citizens do not need to get visas:



Safety (for Lithuanian citizens)

We recommend to check out which countries are not recommended for visiting. The list of countries and other useful information can be found here:



Children under 18 years of age traveling with both parents must have valid passport. More information (in Lithuanian) can be found here:


Flight Registration/Check-in

Usually registration/check-in finishes 45 min before the flight in Europe (departure time is specified in air ticket), 60 minutes in other international flights.  Important: the time specified in airticket is airplane departure, not the beginning of registration.


Flight sequence

If you have an airticket with several flights and do not fly one of them, air company has a right to cancel your reservation for all other flights in your itinerary.

Meals during the flight

Some aircompanies include meals during the flight without an additional fee. Some air companies do not offer meals during the flight or offer them for purchase.



New EU security rules for airports

To protect you against the new threat of liquid explosives, the European Union (EU) has adopted new security rules that restrict the amount of liquids that you can take through security checkpoints. They apply to all passengers departing from airports in the EU whatever their destination.

This means that, at security checkpoints, you and your hand luggage must be checked for liquids in addition to other prohibited articles. However, the new rules do not limit the liquids that you can buy at shops located beyond the point where you show your boarding pass or on-board an aircraft operated by an EU airline.

The new rules apply from Monday, 6th. November 2006 at all airports in the EU and in Norway, Iceland and Switzerland until further notice.


While packing

You are only allowed to take small quantities of liquids in your hand luggage. These liquids must be in individual containers with a maximum capacity of 100 millilitres each. You must pack these containers in one transparent, re-sealable plastic bag of not more than one litre capacity per passenger.


At the airport

To help screeners detect liquids, you must:

present all liquids carried to the screeners at security checkpoints for examination;

take off your jacket and/or coat. They will be screened separately whilst you are screened;

remove laptop computers and other large electrical devices from your hand luggage. They will be screened separately whilst you are screened.

"Liquids" are:

water and other drinks, soups, syrups;

creams, lotions and oils;



gels, including hair and shower gels;

contents of pressurised containers, including shaving foam, other foams and deodorants;

pastes, including toothpaste;

liquid-solid mixtures;


any other item of similar consistency.

You can still:

pack liquids in bags that you check-in - the new rules only affect hand luggage;

carry in your hand luggage medicines and dietary requirements, including baby foods, for use during the trip. You may be asked for proof that they are needed;

buy liquids such as drinks and perfumes either in an EU airport shop when located beyond the point where you show your boarding pass or on-board an aircraft operated by an EU airline.

If they are sold in a special sealed bag, do not open it before you are screened – otherwise the contents may be confiscated at the checkpoint. (If you transfer at an EU airport, do not open the bag before screening at your airport of transfer, or at the last one if you transfer more than once).

 If your journey includes a to another flight at an EU airport, you can still buy liquids either in an EU airport located beyond the point where you show your boarding pass or on board an aircraft operated by an EU airline. The liquids will be sold in a special bag. Wait until you are screened at the [last] airport of transfer in the EU before opening the bag.

If you have any doubts, please ask your airline or travel agent in advance of travel.

Please be courteous and co-operate with airport security and airline staff.



We recommend you check luggage policies of the airlines that operate the flight. Usually, aircompanies do not take responsibility for the convey of valuable or breakable items. Please contact: if you are not sure that all items could be transported.


Carry-on luggage

As a basic rule, carry-on luggage size must not exceed 56x45x10 cm and weight must not be more then 5 kg.

Check-in luggage

Each company has it own rules for luggage transportation. Usually, traditional (non-"lowcost") aircompanies,allow 20 kg of luggage in economy class and 30 kg in business class. British Airways and ČSA allow 23 kg of luggage in economy class. Free luggage weight is specified in your ticket. Exception: for overseas flights it is possible to take 2 pieces of luggages of 23 kg each in economy class and 2 pieces luggages of 32 kg each in business class (please check this before you book). You will be charged for extra weight of the luggage. The amount of charge depends on the aircompany that operates the flight.

Starting November 16th, 2009 check-in luggage fee apply on all Air Baltic airline operated flights.

Each adult and child over 2 can check-in 1 piece of luggage up to 20 kg of weight for the fee of EUR 21.

Each infant under 2 can check-in 1piece of luggage up to 10 kg of weight and a stroller without an additional fee.

Check-in luggage fee can be paid during flight booking or in the airport before the flight in the Air Baltic representative office. Other conditions apply for transporting golf, skiing, diving and some other sports equipment, valueables. For addtional information conctact Air Baltic representative office or call us at +370 5 249 09 09.

Prohibited items

The follwing items are prohibited in the luggage:

weapons, ammo, fireworks, gas, oxygen cilynder,

inflammable liquid and solid, oxid materials;

poison, radioactive materials and other magnetic, sicken, unhealthy materials.

It is prohibited to take to hand luggage: arms and its copies, knife, dagger and other dangerous items.

It is prohibited to use items which use a lot of energy or laser items during the flight.


If you plan to take your pets, please be sure aircompany accept that. Please contact aircompany whose flight you will use or contact info@7go. The pet’s owner must care about traportation and vaccination documents.





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