Ticket price

Ticket price consist of price of flight fare (tariff), airport and fuel taxes, and reservation fee.

Making bank transfer payment please indicate:

„Payment for the flight ticket Mr. Name Surname, reservation number …“

Please email the payment confirmation to info@SITE 

The deadline for payment is specified in the reservation confirmation. If the ticket was not printed untill this time, reservation will be cancelled automatically. We will inform you by e-mail when the payment is received.

Important! On the same day money get to our account in SEB bank only on business days and for transfers made from SEB bank account before 3 pm. Please, consult your non-SEB bank for transfer terms. We do not receive regular bank transfers during weekends, only made through BankLink system.

Important: please check, in the confirmation we always specify till what date/time reservation must be paid. If the payment is not received, reservation will be cancelled automatically.



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